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I had the privilege of meeting Janet via telephone in the fall of 2015.  She was assigned as my mentor coach while I was enrolled in the Christian Coach Institute.  I discovered very quickly that Janet has genuine compassion and love for those she is coaching.  You can tell she wants her clients to be successful in whatever endeavor they are undertaking. Her love for God and devotion to Christ comes to the forefront of every conversation.

Janet has a calm relaxing voice but doesn’t sugar coat things. She is honest and extremely well-versed in Scripture.  At one point I was facing a deadline and was feeling like defeat was imminent.  During a phone conversation, Janet was able to question me in a powerful way that zeroed in to what was really going on.  After helping me to identify the fear that was enveloping me, she pointed me towards some verses out of Scripture and read them out loud. I will never forget how powerful that moment was.  I was able to meet the deadline and conquer the fear.

Each interaction with Janet that I have now is uplifting and positive. She is a blessing to me and I thank God that he orchestrated that connection

Debbie Miller

ICF Trained Life Coach, Timbermountain Coaching